Keith Yonick
Redesign - Repurpose - Real Estate 


Keith Yonick brings more than 20 years of business experience with an extensive background in real estate, development, and design-staging to his current practice of handling fine properties for his clients throughout the region.

Prior to working in real estate, Yonick worked for a design company and as a relocation counselor for a Fortune 500 company. Today, he has a concentration in real estate and corporate relocation and certifications in real estate, marketing, aged and disabled programs. His passion for helping families edit and stage their homes lead him to three appearances on HGTV. In one episode, he was challenged to sell a home that was previously listed for two years with another agent. Yonick sold the home in 28 days!

Yonick, raised in the eastern Dallas suburbs, has two bachelor's degrees (one in interior design) and specializes in home buying and selling and relocation throughout the Dallas area, with a special emphasis in Oak Lawn and eastern Dallas suburbs. Last year, he sold 21 homes in the Oak Lawn area, 14 homes in the eastern suburban market, and nine sales in Duncanville, DeSoto & Cedar Hill in addition to 11 downtown Dallas condos.